Workshops: Peer eXchange Learning

 In Event, Latvia

Peer eXchange and Learning workshop on Smart Specialisation Strategies, 19.9.2019, Riga



To discover the possibilities of Smart Specialisation Strategy of Latvia, a workshop using Peer Exchange and Learning (PXL) methodology was organised on the 19th of September at the Riga Technical University Scientific Library.


During the first part of the day participants learned about the key challenges for the senior economy and about a research  on involvement of older colleagues in the work environment. For the first panel session handled the results of EDP workshop of RIS3 priority 1. After the first panel discussion participants got familiar with PXL methodology, what was used in workshop sessions.


After lunch experts discussed about the 2. Priority in panel session. The subjects of the session were discussed in small groups using PXL methodology.


The third part of the day handled lifelong learning for seniors. After experts’ panel, participants defined key issues of the subject in small groups.


The summarized results of the day are part of the Baltic sea region PXL report, available on our project website.

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