Workshops: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

 In Event, Finland

1st Entrepreneurial Discovery Process on Silver Economy

4.6.2019, Riihimäki


The materials and reports of the workshops can be found here in Finnish.



The first workshop on Silver Economy, present situation and future directions, challenges was organised in Riihimäki, 4.6.2019. The workshop implemented Entrpreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) method. Participants represented municipalities, private sector, research institutes and end-user organisations. At the workshop the participants get familiar with different user involvement practices in innovation, used by companies specialised to Silver Economy from several fields, e.g. architecture and technical companies. During the workshop part, participants collected new business ideas, based on needs of end-users.


2nd Entrpreneurial Discovery Process on Silver Economy, 5.6.2019, Helsinki







The second EDP-workshop in Finland was organised in Helsinki on 5.6.2019. This event concentrated more on technical solutions and development in elder care. During the workshop, participants worked on new business ideas and solutions.



3rd Entrepreneurial Discovery Process on Silver Economy, 11.6.2019, Riihimäki



The third EDP workshop was held in Riihimäki on 11.6.2019. During this workshop the participants continued the development work of ideas came up in the previous events.


4th Entrepreneurial Discovery Process on Silver Economy, 7.8.2019, Hämeenlinna



The fourth workshop was in Hämeenlinna 7.8.2019. Participants was introduced to new companies working in Silver Economy. An automatised medicine proportioner was introduced to the audience as well, which can be used both in hospital or home environment. The workshop focused on evaluation of ideas collected during the first three events.

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