Workshop in Denmark on 6th of September 2019

VIA University College & Aarhus Municipality organized a meeting in Denmark on 6th of September 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to uncover the welfare technological landscape in Denmark and point out the opportunities for improvement. The meeting was attended by Seniors, health professionals, SME´s, Municipality and educational institutions. Ivan Kjær Lauridsen Head of health and assisted living technologies, Municipality of Aarhus and Maibritt Aagaard Project Manager Medtech Innovation Consortium made presentations to inspire the participants. On the workshop the participants discussed factors that inhibit and promote innovation, based on the following subjects:
1) Collaboration and cohesion,
2) ethical issued,
3) procedures, business procedures and methods,
4) attitudes and language and
5) development and context.
Furthermore, the participants brainstormed on solutions and initiatives to promote innovation, from idea to implementation. The proposals were prioritized in a matrix.