The Third Innovation Camp

The Third Innovation Camp took place virtually from Denmark on November 10. The aim of the innovation camp was to present and discuss the validation and descriptions of the open innovation toolkit by extension, participants also used the opportunity to discuss the potential visualization and finalization of the toolkit.

The participants in the virtual innovation camp were representatives of partners from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region together with other stakeholders. During the Innovation Camp Co-founder of Guiden65, Sussi Bianco made a presentation of the Danish website

Based on a presentation of a potential visualization of the toolkit, the participants presented their first initial thoughts and comments of the presented Ecosystem Pie Model. Afterwards, the partners were divided into groups to discuss the visual impression and the categories used in the toolkit: “Ideation”, “design/prototyping”, “assessment” and “networking”.

The meeting ended with a plan for the completion of the OSIRIS Toolkit. After this, the completed work is handed over to the production of the Smart Silver Lab.

The third and final Innovation Camp can be viewed as a success, as its goals were successfully met.
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